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New Funniest Relatable Memes of December 2020

Hey all, ever felt you are different from others or certain thing happens to you only. We tried to collect most such scenarios to make you feel that this happens to all. Just relax and enjoy the most relatable memes. When you put lots of money on skin but your skin don't show any changes All are busy in getting hitched but your only concern to have hot bath When you have feelings but only for dogs. Rest nothing affects you. Getting old is not easy. you realize this very late. So enjoy childhood and teen Big Square indicates: Age 25 - 28, Mood: Neutral, Gender: Male  Small Box indicates: Age 250 253, Mood Angry, Gender: Unknown When you are excited about new gadget and it takes your breath out Guilty but don't care is new mood these days for all youngsters. No its coz you don't know how to react, probably that is not any symptom chill.. This is where acting skills needed. But few can't even properly act Share this with your stupid friends

16 Best Relationship Memes

Here, we are with another set of funny memes . We all do so much fun and get to know various sides of partner or (friend) crush while we are in relationship. Check out our Funny Relationship Memes and cherish the wonderful memories.  LHS is equal to RHS.. when both are not less than each other There are few freak who on every situation thinks whether that shit worth the marriage ...Haha Probably this is her first love...and if not then you were not in love . So who all done this When you both are full of ego but wanted to have your say last.. this is best way he can do haha   Nowadays most of relationship be like this.. Mood swings often overdrives.. Lol When you trying to cheer up your bestie cum crush which turned out into shit.  After a argument when girl finally comeback but you now changed your mood                           Analyzing mistake.. But you are late dude haha That is not fun man... Hope now you understood When you try to tease her before sharing pics . Blo

Funny Me Memes 2020

Hello Fellas,Trust me funny memes are the best stress busters and you should try watching them whenever you feel low. so here are few best memes you could relate to your daily life scenarios. So just throw the shit out of your mind and flow in laughter roller coaster with these hilarious memes. After a long hectic day when you try to relax suddenly many weird thoughts runs in mind. Or  you keep making fake scenarios. At that moment you feel there has to be something which could mute your mind too. This happened with me i get nervous for no reason always wondering how people choose being anchor as career.who all are potato here comment.  Only a motivational video can inspire me which last for a day only... Two personalities to handle is toughest job for this era's teen.  Ya he is too respectful Apple Owner. What you assume is your problem... Tag your friend who you think has this future. He followed what doctor advised him. Remember find ways to keep things up. Lol.