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Best Funny School Memes

School Days are the best part of our life we do things innocently and then laugh whole life remembering all those funny stuff we used to do in childhood. Bringing those memories back to you with our funny school memes

After you watch action movie in childhood the attitude you carry for next 3 hours would be like this..

Answer of why teacher asked me to get out of class after convincing her that you are attentive in class...

When you stick to the protocol instead using brains...

                      When you use excuse to escape but later you caught out ...

when the backbencher selected to explain the theorm. They come to conclusion like this 

Student these days have less selfie and more of study screenshot

                                                        What color he should put in??



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☺ No matter what your heartache may be, laughing helps you forget it for a few seconds.☺