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Best Funny Memes on Man

Hello Friends, in this series of memes we will cover the situation every boy or man face but in a funny way so throw up all clutter from your mind and laugh a little with us. Every boy face this when they try to put their emotions through post but it results into this. Haha, this is karma now you have to console bullied people to earn your bread. God arranged the best revenge. Where people are hardly going out.. They started complaining of being me rude.. arghhh Who all are agree with such situation. don't lie... Guys believe in their own research.. Haha Dream have meaning for those whose brain are not empty.. Dude you must be blank Guy trying to figure out what could be the reason his girlfriend is angry at... Even if she will tell you the reason you could not relate it to the situation... Haha   Such few traits are also available in male species... Admit it guys...Lol Man will never accept failure, they called it new attribute and new identity.. haha Now tell me who do

Best Relatable Girl Memes 2020

Hello Friends, Have you ever came across any girl and thought something is weird and funny at the same time. Absolutely yes right we too find it difficult to cope few of the situation in a better way. But we let the things go like this. Here are few of the situation we portrayed in Memes for viewers just for an entertainment. Hope you will cherish this memes with your family and friends. Magazine owner is male and guess he is trying to figure out how to make female happy thinking probably something might click. All once in life complained about that air in chips packet. Now its been removed in upcoming products. Hope this would cheered you up. Hahaha Revolution should be 360 degree. We will following it.. Hahaha When your anxiety be at next level. But you somehow managed to hide it..  Girls always make it sure that in any circumstances they should be missed. Guys, actually they make you strong to take any situation calmly.. Training you know lol But why why always girls there are

Crazy Girl Memes

Here with the new memes for our special viewers. share this with friends and spread laughter but be careful as it is on girls expect the unexpected reaction. Hahaha. Enjoy, forget the mean world and drown in the world of happiness. When any girl finally thought to take people advice seriously   When options are like this better don't suggest.. But none worked... She will amaze you on every sentences. so guys better don't When you realize reason why you got a weird friend. Trusting friend while driving is really big ache When angle is trying to show some angel Everybody did this once.. Naaa don't deny Smart dad of smart daughter... Lalala checkmate                                                                          In Corona too girls have bigger burden to handle...