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Funny Childhood Memes you will ever cherish

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Childhood days are best and we do so many silly things which we will cherish forever. we have compiled best of few memories into funny memes to bring bit of your stress down. Keep your energy charged with our funny childhood memes.

Exam Memes, School Memes, Student Memes, Backbencher Memes

This is everyone's personal experience during examination or first showcase of acting talent which generally not required but expresses many moods at a time.

Interview Memes, Job Memes, Me Memes

We always gets in dilemma as to what hobbies to be kept in resume so that no extra questions be asked on basis of particular hobby written. So i wrote sleeping this is the best and closed end answer.

"job memes", "interview memes", "dank memes"

When a backbencher fed up of repeated question in every interview he failed. 

"crush memes", "girlfriend memes", "boy memes"

Only a few guys could feel the depth of this meme to the core. But they still try... Damn aren't they the best motivators... haha

"sleep memes", "funny memes", "parent meme"

Whenever your family witness this, trust me this is going to be your parents favorite dialogue for many years even if you slept till 10 AM once in your lifetime. lol

"cat memes", "selfie meme", "funny Memes"

Getting solo pic is really challenge if you have idiot friends who ruin every pic by their weird expression. While watching few photos you must have wondered why this idiot in this pic.... Share your story in comment

"funny memes", "hilarious memes", "dank memes"

Tag your friends who had been so mean plus having a right humor  

"funny memes", "exam memes", "school memes"

Tag your friend who's biggest nightmare is exams he would definitely love this place...

"School Memes", "Thug Meme"

Hearing such things from your juniors  raises a sudden tremor in the situation.. but still few would like to attempt .. No matter what will be the consequences...

Math Memes, Bye Memes, " Funny Memes"

There are certain phrases which can be re-framed like this... try few and comment...

"music memes", "college Memes", "one liner"

There is always a person in your group who is fond of music and does calculation like this.. You too can try out... My home to office is 10 sad songs hahaha....

"good morning memes", "cat memes", "dank memes"

Staying awake all night many of us did in childhood watching favorite movie or so .. but for rest of the day you look like this .. Haha

"insurance memes", "auto insurance meme", "insurance meme"

When shock took over overconfidence in a second.. Ya we tried driving too in that age .lol.. Comment your incident  

"software engineering memes", "engineer memes", "programmer memes"

Oh kids like this also have a full network of enemies of his age. He became an pet ideal example which our parents often used to insult us openly.... 

"group study memes", "exam memes", "school memes"

I think this is not a group study rather a balancing challenge which is attempted after trying nicotine for the first time.. Haha what stuff you did????

"cartoon memes", "trip memes", "sleep memes"

When making plan is a kinda hobby but later you don't get permission from parents. 

"math memes", "sqaureroot memes", "student memes"

Maths loser found square root finally.. Massive applause for him.....

"Funny Memes", Bike Memes", "Motor Memes"

Here we are struggling every moment and our close ones thinks what a fun and happy life we are living... In my situation add plenty bag full of green vegetables for which i am struggling to save from those cows... Haha....


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