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16 Best Relationship Memes

Here, we are with another set of funny memes . We all do so much fun and get to know various sides of partner or (friend) crush while we are in relationship. Check out our Funny Relationship Memes and cherish the wonderful memories. 

Online Relation Memes

LHS is equal to RHS.. when both are not less than each other

Girlfriend Memes

There are few freak who on every situation thinks whether that shit worth the marriage ...Haha

Sleep Memes, Girlfriend memes

Probably this is her first love...and if not then you were not in love . So who all done this

stalker memes, funny memes

When you both are full of ego but wanted to have your say last.. this is best way he can do haha

Girlfriend Memes 

Nowadays most of relationship be like this.. Mood swings often overdrives.. Lol

flirt memes, roast

When you trying to cheer up your bestie cum crush which turned out into shit. 

chat memes, dank memes

After a argument when girl finally comeback but you now changed your mood 

husband wife jokes

                    Analyzing mistake.. But you are late dude haha

Funny Memes

That is not fun man... Hope now you understood

Dark Memes, Funny Memes

When you try to tease her before sharing pics . Blocked

crush memes, girl memes

Check before you say...Psycho vibe

cheating wife ees

        Busy in making others laugh meanwhile life laughs at you

Dank Memes

When she is dating for his humor but now he is roasting you 

good Humor, one liner

When a happy guy regret to come in relationship..


Oh you all ladies stop trying a pun on me

humor, dank memes

Have problem of loosing patience while waiting for someone.. 


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