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Hey Everyone, Hope 2021 is treating you well so far. Things came on track but still we all are going through lot many changes in life which might be bit tough to cope up with. Don't get stressed out it will settle down soon. Lighten your mind with our memes based on everyday situation  and take changes one by one.


This is how we feel when any abrupt or nonsense question being asked in exam or interview 

For the first time we all have same feeling   not that diarrhea or nausea or so and so 

YA tell me i want to know. This kid got no chill here.

Let me know what craziest thing did you googled at late night

For those who keep multiple download option in their article may your life be filled with so many options haha kidding

I did feel same in Monday as this guy on Friday

Actually no one can console a crybaby drowned in love. 

When you trying to be oversmart with wife 

Oh, never seen a poor fellow like him, but remember he is still motivated 

When you love your stuff more than anyone else. Especially when its new

Got no space to run giggle with him and think how his family cope with him

YA This whole February month all lover will close their ear like this 

No one can bound her, baby you got to take him along for clicking pics atleast

This girl is exactly like me, don't how people talk about so many cheerful stuff in early morning.. Me who gets normal in the afternoon only

This is same pinch situation... what yours

Old chat are shit I get more emotional and forgive 


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